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21 May 2011 @ 12:45 pm
Oops, I never replied to the comments from my last entry.

Just a "quick" update (my updates are never quick -___-)
  • I feel kind of lonely this weekend lololololol. Do you remember my friend E whom I met last year when I was in New York? Well, we're still talking. In fact, we talked every day (mostly gtalk, sometimes phone) for the last two weeks. This weekend he's in Canada for a wedding, so no communication lol. So it feels weird to not be talking but it's so stupid to feel weird about it.
  • I still like him. Yeah. When we talk on the phone we go for like two hours. I don't even know what we talk about - no actually, we often talk about sex. lol.
  • Man, speaking of sex, I still haven't done anything since making out with that one dude. It feels so long ago, too. I need to get out and do more shit, haha.
  • Anyway, this dude...ehhh. I like him a lot and he likes me too, but things are just messy because of the distance. Even if we can visit each other in the future, actually dating is impossible unless we live closer to each other. To be completely honest, I want the chance to date him, but I don't know if it will come. Our attitude is just "keep your options open," but...blah.
  • I need to go out on an actual date. There are no candidates :(
  • There are just a few more weeks of school!! ahhhh! I often get bored and look for ways to waste time, but that is totally unnecessary because I have a ton of stuff to do to keep up in school. Still working on pushing out these 35-50 pages for my thesis. (Obviously mine will be closer to 35. lol)
  • I'm going to Atlanta tomorrow for an interview on Monday morning! Yay for $40 hotel with free internet and free breakfast :) I hope this one works out. It's with ExpressJet, which is a regional carrier, but it sounds like a great opportunity.
Time to get back to work! :)

Oh yeah, funny story: yesterday was my mom's birthday. and sometime in the evening I was like "oh I should call. I'll do it later" and then I forgot about it until 1am last night. So I call and my mom's like "wow really? you fail." hahah. So we just talk about whatever (my sister for a full scholarship to SDSU, woo) and then before we hang up, my mom is like "oh by the way. Happy birthday. to me."

WTF mom lolololololol. I was like "....WTF happy birthday mom" hahahaha :)
Book Pimpjoie_fatale on May 23rd, 2011 01:23 am (UTC)

NY dude needs to visit you.

Congrats on the job interview! I hope it goes well!