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03 May 2011 @ 11:47 pm
Things I've been up to lately:
  • UCLA student government elections are this week. I never thought I'd be campaigning because I'm usually quite distant from politics, but VSU is very involved and we have a candidate in the race, so I've been flyering every day trying to get people to vote for him and for our slate. Campaigning is super hard. There are all these emergency meetings and I can't even handle it because I'm not very emotionally strong. I've been super moody this week so it's hard for me to handle all of this. Some girl in one of my classes said that she wasn't going to vote because she feels disconnected from the school and hates UCLA. Basically I don't ever want to be friends with her now, haha. That dumb bitch. /hater
  • living the high life at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. So let's say there's an event you want to go to, but you don't have money...what do you do? Well, I try to volunteer at such events so I can get in for free! So I've been volunteering at the LAAPFF, and I've gotten to kick it at the Opening Night gala (after eating excellent leftover VIP reception food, I got free dessert and free ketel one drinks), got to see Saigon Electric (Vietnamese dance movie that I wanted to see), and got to kick it at the Angry Asian Man 10th Anniversary Party! The party was super tight, I was basically partying with Wong Fu, kevjumba, Victor Kim, Paul Dateh, Chris Dinh, Ryan Kim, Viet Nguyen, and a bunch of other cool people :) Plus free soju all night ahahhahaha. Thursday I'm going to work the awards ceremony and then kick it again, but at the closing night gala. what what~ the only bad thing is that I totally missed seeing Harry Shum Jr. :(
  • oh yeah, I met a guy at the film festival...I guess I'll tell the story lol.

    So I'm volunteering at the VIP reception on opening night, and there's this dude working with me and I'm totally getting signals from him. He's a babyfaced, Chinese American 26-year-old with a really small build lol. Anyway so I'm pretty sure that I'm his type, but then he stops talking to me. Like, he approaches me less and then sometimes when we're talking he just. walks away. what the heck? So at the end of the night, I tell him, "I was pretty sure I was your type, but I guess I was overconfident..." and he says, "why do you think you're not my type?"


    and yet, NOTHING happens. I was sooo sure he'd ask for my number, but no. I actually ended up exchanging numbers with - get this - his identical twin brother.

    WTFFFFF. my life. anyway I've seen both of the brothers since then. The first one has since let me know that I am beautiful, the the second one has told me that he was attracted to me when we first talked. (me: we only talked for like five minutes... him: weird, right?) Of course the funny thing is, neither of them should be my type -___-
  • SCHOOL. There are only like 5.5 weeks until the quarter ends!!! I'm really behind on my senior thesis >< so I'm going to work on that right now. Posting always takes me a really long time ><
20 March 2011 @ 01:45 am
I am completely in love with Miura Haruma.

I just watched Kimi no Todoke, which I had been looking forward to for so, so long, and it definitely did not disappoint. It was cute, it was funny, and it was heartbreaking at times!

I knew Miura's character was that "most-liked guy in school" popular, perfect type, but omg. He was so perfect.

The movie was fairly long, at 2 hours and 15 minutes, but I was sooo happy that I got to stare at Miura for so long haha. His hair is great in this movie, and he smiles a lot. I love his perfect smile and his lovely cheekbones and his beautiful nose and oh, what a cutie he is.

This movie makes me want to wait for the perfect guy. Like I said in the last post, lately I've been impatient about relationships and intimacy, but after seeing this, why should I settle?! ...I'm totally going to end up as an old spinster because of this, hahah.

I &hearts; Miura Haruma. handsome, perfect boy. even though he's a year younger than me (the ONE flaw, of course).
20 September 2010 @ 09:41 pm
Although I check my flist every day, I know I haven't been posting in a long time and I don't even comment that much...so if you want to defriend me, please feel free.

Let me just update y'all about my life in list format.

1. I am really into Nino lately. I have always really liked Nino, since he's always so great in dramas and I like his voice and he's got a cute face and he is just so talented all-around. love love love love love him. I also have a smaller crush on Sho right now. I've really had Arashi on the brain for like the last month, haha. I've always liked Arashi a lot, though. My interests used to be 1. Yamapi, 2. Arashi, and 3. NEWS; but now it's kind of changed to 1. Arashi, 2. Yamapi, and 3. NEWS. I haven't even downloaded LIVE yet :x I just have Arashi on repeat.

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21 July 2010 @ 10:51 pm
I've joined sites where you fill out surveys for points and redeem the points for gift card and the like. epoll is one example. I also signed up to do studies at UCLA for money. I like being able to earn a bit of cash or amazon gift cards or whatever just on the side like that.

So yeah, I'm about to post a referral link. I would like you to click the referral link and sign up, haha, not gonna lie. But swagbucks is pretty cool because you can earn points just by using their search bar (which I just added to my firefox, no big deal). Okay granted, google's search is definitely better...but this works too. I think that if you just use the search bar regularly, you can get like a $5 amazon gift card in less than a month. There's other ways to get points too, but search bar would probably be the main one.

Referrals get me swagbucks. I don't want to deceive anyone! And I'm not pressuring anyone...just, here's my link and it would be cool if you signed up and we could all earn prizes together. I mean, free amazon/paypal gift cards? hell yes. Amazon is a better deal though.


And yeah. On another note, Yamapi's One in a Million PV came out. It's not bad. I wish there was more dancing, though :/

Also karinberry and koneho and I are planning to hit up clubs looking for Jin sometime. ARE YOU IN?! haha. I really need a job first though.